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Welcome to our first introduction to basic C programming language. Coming to this page might signifies that you are in the process of learning c.

We will start from general overview of C language and we will cover all the basic concepts in C programming language.

By the time you are familiar with the basics, we will move onto intermediate topics in C like data structure and algorithm.

If you are not sure weather C or C++ will suit your better, I will suggestion you go through our C++ tutorials.

C++ is more modern to C and it has many advance API features.

C programming language was develop by Dennis Ritchie while at Bell laboratories.

It was developed as a result of issues experience by developers while using assembly language to develop Unix operating system.

C is a procedural programming language and has maintained this paradigm since its inception.

C is a low level language that makes it easier for C developers to manipulate and manage memory directly.

It has found usage in developing low level software like operating systems, embedded system, games, robotics and much more.

Many newer programming languages like Java, Php and more copied different concepts from C.

Generally, C++ is usually regarded as a super-set of C programming language.

One of the important features of C programming language is its standard library. C standard library is a bundle of different methods.

These methods aid C developers to solve different issues ranging string manipulation to memory allocation and file manipulation.

In mobile application developing, C and C++ have gain popularity in memory intensive applications.

It is easier to incorporate your C or C++ code in Android and iOS development.

You can also use different third party application written in C in your mobile application development.


Different people have different reasons why they want to learn C programming language.

It might be because it is a compulsory course in your education, may be because of new project at work that required C or just as a hobby.

But whatever might be the case, learning C language like any other programming languages can be challenging specially if you have not written a program before.

If you are coming from a different programming language that has a different paradigm to C language, you will need to unlearn before learning C.

C language will make you develop a new different approach to writing programs.

If you are still undecided on learning C programming language, then consider the list following.

How low level programming works

C will let you understand how every piece of data is store in the device and also the amount of memory your data occupy. You will learn how to manage memory to avoid memory leak.

Access to C language materials

C has been out for a long time so there are many tutorials from beginner to advance C, books and research papers written on C that are freely available online and easy to access.

Large Community of C developers

C being one of the oldest popular languages, there is a large community of C developers, who are willing to help beginner C developers to master C language.

You can always use platforms like Stackoverflow to get answer to any issues you might face with C programming language.

Third Party Libraries

C programming language has a good number of quality third party libraries that you can use in your project without reinventing the wheels.

This helps in reducing the development time since the libraries has been tested and most possible bugs fixed.


If you are currently learning C or you have master C programming language, we will like to get your view about the challenges you faced why learning C language and how you were able to overcome them.

Finally, by the time you are done with all our C language tutorials and all the exercises we have compiled on different topics you will be comfortable with writing C programs.

In the next tutorial, we are going to look into setting up C compiler in your development platform.

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